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At Good Dog Concept Training LLC, we strive to provide a humane, reward-based training methodology to build a relationship of trust and respect between you and your pet. We wanted all pet parents to have continued education so they can have the dog of their dreams. Whether that is going to a cafe, participating in sports, or hanging on the couch. We have the concept game for you.

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New MINI Courses


 Sexier Than Squirrel 

At Good Dog Concept Training we believe in transforming dog behavior and your relationship with your dog through the power of GAMES. Dog training should be FUN and enjoyable for both you and your dog - We'll show you that it can be! 


The Good Dog way to get started is to join our Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge. It's 25 games over 25 days to completely transform your relationship with your dog in just a few minutes a day. Click to find out more and join over 60,000 Gamechangers who've already taken the challenge. 


Right now you can join with 70% off! just £27 or $32.

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