Grow* Develop* Succeed

Our in-person and online classes are based on a strong passion, a shared vision, and a ceaseless commitment to making learning fun while also being easily accessible.... from anywhere. Our unique approach to learning was developed to provide our students and their dogs the opportunity to get an education in their preferred setting, whether that is in person or online on their own time. At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to providing our clients the opportunity to engage with knowledgeable instructors with proven experience to maximize their success. We invite you to explore our diverse training services and health products.

How does our In-Person & Online course work?

Enrolled participants have access to a dedicated, private Facebook Group where students can post videos and receive feedback from Good Dog Concept Training instructors. Zoom calls and Facebook live discussions and demonstrations on specific topics and games are included in some course curriculums. Participants have the option to play the games or simply watch to gain additional dog training knowledge and skills. An option to post videos of you playing games to the Facebook Group for regular feedback is available.

Good Dog Concept Training