Good Dog Concept Training

Teen Paws- Crazy to Calm 

An inspirational pet parent program teaches you how to transform your adolescent dog into the dog of your dreams. 

Dearest Dog Parent,
We want to help you to FINALLY HAVE A DOG WHO understands you when you say "come here! A dog who wants to come because you are the best part of their world.  Using concepts, especially our Proximity games concepts can help make this a reality. 
So many pet parents are frustrated by their dog's behavior. We are here to help you to teach your dog to make better daily dog decisions. 
Let me know if these resonate with how you're feeling...


  •  Does your dog refuse to listen to you when you call them back into the house?

  •  Is your dog pulling on a leash the moment you want outside the house?

  •  Does your dog jump up on everyone and anyone that comes into the home?

  •  Does your dog ignore you? 

  •  Have you tried other training programs and still struggling?

Soon enough, these will all be solved.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you walk into an outside restaurant and your dog can relax on mat under the table while you have a meal.

Or you walk your neighborhood street and your dog walks by you calmly even when other dogs are nearby.

Our online Program is great for busy families that want to learn how to train their dog using an easy-to-use self study format from the comforts of their home.  

Our Self-paced, information-packed online program provides step-by-step breakdowns of new training skills, achievable goals to reach at your own pace, and interactive features to help all learning styles be successful.    

We want training to be fun for BOTH you and your dog!

Even for those stressful problem behaviors, you may be facing, will help you eliminate the headaches, allowing you to truly focus and enjoy your dog.

If you are looking for a group class with other dogs we run them regularly. 

Looking for more personal lessons add-on our private  1-2-1 lessons and have a personal treatment plan designed for you and your dog.  Private lessons are the #1 program. 

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Introducing the

Teen Paws
Crazy TO Calm

The most comprehensive, educational, practical, actionable and fun home study school available online today along with the most engaging and supportive community for dog parents!

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Transform your STRUGGLES  to STRENGTHS  as we help your to get real-life results.

Here is a sample of what you will learn..
  • Success in teaching your dog to check in with you even when there is the distraction in the enviorment

  • Understand the adolescent and adult phase that your dog is going through.

  • Learn how to teach your dog to sit or go into a down until released

  • Teach your dog to relax on a Boundary instead of jumping on guests  

  • Walk on a loose leash around distractions

  • A simple training strategy that will give you the training tools to eliminate unwanted behaviors and create a well-mannered dog of your dreams

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What you get as a member of the Program
Action Checklist
Step By Step Training
Downloadable Workbooks
Online Community
Leash Skills
Dog walking-bro.png
Video Library
Video files-bro.png
  • Over 100 High quality, easy-to-follow video library that you can be watched anytime, anywhere – on mobile phones, tablets, or your computer! 

  • Invitation to our VIP community for unlimited support from your coach and a chance to meet and connect with other pet parents

  • Get lifetime access to our course materials

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To see all our pricing plans click below. If you would like a private or group Teen Paws class, please click on the appropriate button for pricing. If you missed our brochure we have a button for you here. 

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